Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's almost July!!

Okay, so it is almost July and I haven't posted in months!  I have no excuse other than I have been so busy that I haven't stopped long enough to do it!  With working again, planning the October wedding and other life drama, I just haven't actually taken the time to post.  Sorry!!

I have been working on designing/printing the invitations for my step-daughters wedding coming up in mid-October.  Next on the list is making the favors....oh, about 100 of them!!  I think I have come up with a design that the bride and groom like.  Now I just need to get the candies for the inside and get to making them. It's a lot of work, but I am more than happy to do it for them.  I have already made/sent out the Save the date cards.  Those turned out great if I must say so myself.  Once I get permission from the bride and groom to post their picture, I will post a picture of the card.

I am hoping to get caught up on downloading pictures from my camera to the computer and can get some pictures uploaded here.  That is #1 on my things to get done over the Independence Day holiday.  I am one of the few in our office that is actually working every day next week except for Wednesday.  So that is my day to get these things done.  Be on the lookout for another post soon!

Happy 4th!!