Monday, May 17, 2010

Just an update!

Hi All,

I haven't posted any pictures in the last few days because I just haven't gotten my pictures downloaded off my camera. So, hopefully, now that the weekend is over, I will get them into my computer so I can post new creations.

I met for lunch with some scrapbooking friends last week that were going on a weekend scrapbooking retreat that, unfortunately, I could not attend. I was sooo bummed. Anyway, I took along the cards that I had been making (about 24 of them). They loved them! I sold 5 to one of the girls and 3 more to another. I could not believe it. So I am recreating those cards (good thing I take a picture of every card when I finish it!). That is mainly what I have been working on the last 4 or 5 days. This time I am making multiples of each card.

Some of the local girls on my Cricut messageboard - Hello Mary, Allison, Carri, Joan and Nicki - are planning on getting together this weekend for a quick swarm. It will be great to finally meet them face to face. Seems like we have known each other for years, yet have never actually met!

Okay, better get busy and get my photos downloaded. Stay tuned for more creations. Have a great week and talk to you all soon!


I almost forgot - Thanks to Mary from CardzTV for showing the Thank You card that I sent her on her latest video. And for including a link to my blog. You are the best Mary!


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I can't wait to see the cards you made. People have told me I should sell mine, but I have no idea what I would charge for that sort of thing. How did you decide? Now you can say cardmaking is no longer a hobby, it's a 2nd income! :)