Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting ready for Black Friday!

Sorry I have been gone for a while. I have been working alot of hours (in comparison to my part-time thing) and the rest of my time seems to have been eaten up by making my Christmas cards. I finished making them last night! WooHoo!!! Now all we have to do is get them signed, addressed, stamped and mailed out on Friday or Saturday. I like to get them mailed early so it is one less thing I have to worry about later in the holiday season. Then on to decorating the house.

Starting to plan my Black Friday shopping adventure. I sure do want to be at Walmart at 12:01am on Friday morning (technically middle of the "bleeping" night!) to try and get one of the Expressions that they will have on sale. The one I have has been making some strange sounds now and again, and I want to have a back-up machine, just in case. And $185.00 is a pretty good deal.

Then off to shopping with my BFF later on in the morning, at a more reasonable time of 6am. I got her hooked on making cards and now she needs supplies. What an enabler I am!!

I finally received my Martha Stewart Cake machine last weekend. WooHoo! Just tried it out once so far, and there will DEFINITELY be a learning curve to get used to using the fondant and gumpaste instead of paper! Now Mom said I have to bring a "decorated" dessert for Thanksgiving dinner! Guess what I will be doing this afternoon!

Hope to post some projects soon. I want to make a Christmas banner for my fireplace, just have not had the chance to get it started yet. Hopefully later today since I am off work till Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Talk to you soon!

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